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PS3 Steering Wheel Force Feedback Works!

I just got Need for Speed: Carbon for the PS3. I put in the disc, booted up the game, selected “Quick Race”, and started playing with my Driving Force Pro. What did I notice?

Force Feedback!

Both the jarring rumble when you crash and the more subtle pulls on the wheel when you start to lose traction with the road. This is with a plain US PS3 and a plain US copy of NFS: Carbon. No special tricks or settings are required for this at all. And this isn’t me quoting someone else, or reading into something. I felt this with my own two hands.

Remember, earlier this month, when waves of web sites reported that the PS3 was uncapable of doing force feedback, even with third party steering wheels? Apparently, testing this out wasn’t hard at all, and this rumor is completely, 100%, categorically untrue.

Of course, none of those sites posted updates or tried to correct this error. Even today, you can Google “ps3 steering wheel force feedback” (no quotes in actual query string) and get links like this, all claiming that this is impossible and even officially confirmed as such by Sony themselves:

Ars Technica
Netscape Games

Embarrassingly, even this blog reported on this story: – PS3 doesn’t support force feedback

However, we did update this rather quickly.

UPDATE: Many people say Ridge Racer 7 also supports force feedback (I couldn’t test myself). The free GT:HD doesn’t support force feedback.

Other very minor changes.