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Saints Row Confirmed for PS3

THQ have today confirmed that Saints Row is coming to the PS3 this Spring. This is what Kelly Flock, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Publishing at THQ had to say about Saints Row for the PS3:

Saints Row has established itself as one of the most successful original properties in next generation gaming, and we’re excited to bring the groundbreaking experience to PLAYSTATION 3 system fans worldwide. Bringing the open-world genre to the PLAYSTATION 3 system for the first time will help grow the Saints Row fan base and expand the open-world online community.

Whether this GTA clone can fill the void for PS3 owners until the real thing (GTA IV) arrives later this year is up for debate. A trend does seem to be forming with this current gen, as more and more 3rd party titles are going multiplatform. How many 3rd party games will remain ‘exclusive’ to the PS3 or 360 this gen? More and more games that people thought were ‘exclusive’ to one system are turning out to be nothing more than ‘timed exclusives’ and then being ported to the other system with some added bells and whistles a few months down the line.

Anybody played Saints Row on the 360? Is it right to label it as a GTA clone, or is that doing the game an injustice and is it any fun to play? If it’s cheap on the PS3 then I may consider it but I won’t pay £40 or £50 for it.

Saints Row confirmed for PS3