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Interested in a Contest to Win a PS3 Game?

As you know, I’ve been trying to get PS3Wiki off the ground, but it’s a monumental task. I was thinking that I could have a contest to win a PS3 game. What you’d have to do to win a PS3 game is to create a PS3Wiki games page for a PS3 game. The content has to be original and created by you, I dont want to get into any legal issues here. At the end of a period of time, the PS3Blog writers would judge which PS3Wiki games page is the best, and that person would receive a PS3 game from (The contest would be open to wherever ships with a reasonable fee.) Also, you can’t take one of the existing games pages that have already been started! (With a couple exceptions for the really small ones – you’d have to contact me.) There are still lots to choose from.

I’m still learning about contests and Wikis and stuff, so please tell me if you’re interested in something like this. Or if you have a better contest suggestion, I’m all ears.

PS3Wiki – Games

[NOTE: this is a contest IDEA, not an actual contest. If enough people respond to this idea, I’ll make it happen.]