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PS3 Blu-ray Bluetooth Remote

I just received the PS3 Blu-ray Bluetooth remote for the PS3 for my Birthday, and I have to say that I like it a lot. It’s a lot nicer to use a remote to control a movie than to use a controller, I found. The remote works well, and the system is very responsive.

The ability to pause easily and advance frames forward and back works really well. I like that, because sometimes I want to see a certain frame of a movie because of something I thought I saw in the background, or whatever. So being able to advance frame by frame easily is a real boon.

I also like the eject button. Every DVD player, VCR, and gaming console’s remote should have an eject button. I am super-lazy, and I want to be able to hit eject from the couch, walk over to my machine, and pull the disc out immediately. That’s the only way to go, man.

So I’m very happy with this remote. Just a small note: Walmart was selling this remote for $20 more than other places like FutureShop and EBGames. Buyer beware!