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Killzone 2 at GDC? *update*

Following on from 1up’s Luke Smith’s claims that Killzone 2 will be shown at GDC, held next month from March 5-9th in San Francisco, C& has also claimed that Killzone 2 will be present and possibly even playable at the Game Developers Conference. Phil Harrison will be present at the event doing a keynote speech so could he be the man to unveil Killzone 2 to the world?

The highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 sequel to Guerilla Game’s Killzone is to be officially unveiled at next month’s GDC, CVG has learned.

Well placed US sources have revealed to us that the flagship Sony shooter will be shown in full glory at the San Francisco event, perhaps even in the form of a playable demo.

Will it look as good in playable form as the video below that was shown at e3 ’05? I guess we will soon know but I hope for Sony’s sake and for all PS3 owners and would be owners, that it looks as much like the video as possible…

Killzone 2 to be unveiled at GDC next month

*Edit: According to SCEA Manager, Ryan Bowling, Killzone 2 or whatever it’s called, won’t be present at GDC next month but it will be shown off in the near future. All I can say is boo!!!

Killzone 2 NOT at GDC?

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