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Formula One Championship Edition Online

I’m a big F1 fan. I watch every F1 race, and I usually watch the qualifying as well. I have an F1 racing game for the PS2 that I still play occasionally.

So I read with interest Gamespot’s preview of the online racing mode in the upcoming Formula One game for the PS3. But my interest soon turned to disappointment and then dismay.

First I was disappointed that only 11 people would be able to race at the same time. The other 11 cars would be computer controlled. Ah, well, okay. I guess I can live with that if I really have to.

Then I read this statement:

With collisions on, it seems you can only make contact with other player-controlled cars. In other words, AI-controlled cars will pass right through you.

And I thought “what the heck?” That’s just crazy talk. I don’t want cars passing through each other for heaven’s sake! That’s just nuts!

I hope the final game is better than this!

Formula One Championship Edition Online Hands-On