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First 500,000 Registered PS3 Owners Get Casino Royale

If you are one of the first 500,000 people to register your PS3 on the PLAYSTATION Network after it’s March 23rd EU release, you will get Casino Royale on BD. This has been rumoured for a while now and I’m glad they are offering us Europeans a decent film, and a little sweetener, to be amongst the first 500,000 to register with the PLAYSTATION Network.

You have to use your actual PS3 to access the PLAYSTATION Network so it doesn’t apply to people like me who have registered their user IDs:

Don’t assume that because you’ve pre-registered via the website for Player ID that you will automatically be signed up for the Casino Royale Promotion. To get Casino Royale you must connect your PS3 to the network and register your console.

Good news for a change and if you look at the cost of Casino Royale, it almost takes the price of the PS3 below the £400 mark, depending on how much Casino Royale retails for and if you’re actually interested in the film.

Casino Royale offered to the first 500,000 registered EU PS3 owners