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F1 Championship Edition Preview

Formula One Championship Edition sure looks great in action, especially the rain soaked gameplay vids that have been shown off over the past few months. I’m not an F1 fan like Henning and Tom, but I’ve been following this game for a while now because I like fancy graphics. A lot.

You can check out a preview of F1 CE below and it highlights the different modes you can choose, from either racing a 3 lap race or going for the full fat epic races with qualifying and practice laps included.

You can also tweak how much help you would you need during the races by enabling the racing line, weather effects and damage etc. Unfortunatley, the game only got a 4/10 in the latest issue of Edge magazine but let’s wait for more widespread reviews before writing this game off. I’m sure die hard F1 fans will still buy it regardless of the scores it gets.

F1 Championship Edition Preview

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