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Spider-Man 3 Trailer

This is a marketing man’s dream! 😆

Much has been made of the similarities between the PlayStation 3 logo and the Spider-Man film franchise logo, so you can imagine the person challenged with marketing the PS3 version of the game has a small smile on their face (whilst those working on the 360 and Wii versions have a big headache).

Well now the rest of us have a reason to smile, because the game actually looks like it could deliver.

For those of you that do not know, the third Spider-Man movie is due out this May and is set to continue a the series of blockbuster movies based on the legendary comic book character of the same name. This third chapter of the story has been kept secret, but it has been revealed that the symbiotic alien life force will be introduced into the story and that Peter Parker will have to engage in a fight with this dark force.

I can’t wait for the movie, and based on this trailer, I cannot wait for the game!

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