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Euro PS3 goes to Software PS2 Emulation?

I know Gary’s not gonna like this.

Supposedly the Euro PS3 will have more limited support for PS2 games than the Japanese and North American PS3’s did.

Rather than concentrate on PS2 backwards compatibility, in the future, company resources will be increasingly focused on developing new games and entertainment features exclusively for PS3, truly taking advantage of this exciting technology.”

Some additional PS2 titles will become compatible on the PS3 system through regular downloadable firmware updates, which will be made available through the PLAYSTATION®Network, from or via PS3 game discs, with the first update planned for the launch date of the 23rd March 2007.

Users will be able to check whether their titles are compatible with PS3 at This site will be available on 23rd March to meet launch day.

Supposedly the PS3 hardware is actually different (sorry I forget the URL where I saw that). My guess is that Sony has gone with a software emulation model like Microsoft’s. We’ve heard rumours of this backwards compatibililty method before the PS3 even launched, so we knew this was coming. (Actually, I think it was more than rumours. Sony representatives actually said that they’d like to go this route, if I remember correctly.) It’s just coming a lot sooner than I expected. Software emulation is good for Sony because the cost to manufacture each PS3 will be less than previous PS3’s. But it’s bad for the gamer because the list of compatible games will be smaller. One of the things I really appreciated about my PS3 is that it supports my PS2 library. Now Euro PS3 owners might be facing the same problems 360 owners do.

That sucks.

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