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New Resistance Content April?

Phil Harrison had a little chat with Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal, and although they discussed a lot of stuff that will interest other people, the bit that caught my attention is that there could be new downloadable content coming in April for Resistance: Fall of Man:

We’re going to release additional content for Resistance. I don’t think we’ve gone into detail on the schedule, but we have some really, really cool things that will be extending the story, extending the locations, some brand new content, starting in April. So if that works well and is well-received by the audience, then that will keep the engagement with game going between now and should there be a sequel at some point in the future.

I’m not really a big fan of downloadable content (unless it’s free) so I’ll watch with interest what is made available, how much it will cost and how well received it turns out to be.

So what DLC would you like to see for Resistance?

Phil Harrison Interview

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