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CoD3: Not so Jealous Anymore

My favourite PS3 game has to be CoD3. I’m a big fan of CoD2 on the PC (the only PC game I play, really), and so it was natural for me to gravitate to CoD3 on my PS3. I’ve even gotten over the whole lack of chat functionality by using Skype with a friend to chat while we play the game.

But I’ve always been jealous of the fact that the Xbox 360 version has splitscreen support, while the PS3 version doesn’t. And while I still wish the PS3 had splitscreen support, I am no longer jealous of the 360’s splitscreen support. Why? Because last night I actually tried it at a friend’s place. For the two people playing on the RHS of the screen, everything is fine. But not so for the two on the LHS. The status display (where you are informed of kills) and the radar are shifted in to about a third of the way into the screen, and they really get in the way of playing the game. It’s like the playtesters didn’t even try 4 player splitscreen, it’s so bad! We played it for a little bit just because it was CoD, but then moved on to GRAW which didn’t have the same problem.

At least it makes me feel a little better about CoD3 on the PS3, realizing that I’m missing an unworkable implementation.