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Kotaku is blackballed by Sony

Despite persistent warnings from Sony, Kotaku spoils a big Sony announcement on an anonymous insider tip. Predictably, they publicly post the blackball email and their comment section erupts with praise for Kotaku and outrage against Sony.

I’d understand the outrage if Sony tried to block negative commentary or control editorial perspective. But that didn’t happen. I’d understand praising Kotaku as some noble voice of journalism if they exposed some cover-up or scandal despite corporate pressures and manipulations. That didn’t happen either.

Kotaku merely spoiled an announcement. An announcement that may have been planned for GDC next week. That’s hardly a noble cause. Press are routinely given privileged information under various non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements to not publish until an official announcement date. That’s not evil journalistic control, that’s a common arrangement to build excitement around big events.