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PS3 DVD Upscaling Coming, but When?

Today we have part four of the excellent Phil Harrison interview by N’Gai Croal. Lots of interesting stuff in there, but to me the most interesting thing was confirmation of DVD upscaling in the PS3:

So given the issues that I’ve outlined regarding the flow of information out of SCE, what do you think needs to change?

There is a cultural thing about our approach in Japan that has to change. Our approach in Japan is, “Once it’s perfect, we’ll share it with everybody else.” Whereas I think in order to engender trust in our users, we have to share some things that might be not quite perfect, but are ready to give you an indication of what’s coming. So we could say, “You know, we’re not sure when it’s coming, but we’re going to have DVD upscaling on Playstation 3.” There you go. There’s a scoop for you. In my view, we should have a slide on a Web site, or a blog. We should have [Playstation head of platform development Izumi] Kawanishi blog his road map for the Xross Media Bar for Playstation 3. I think he would probably have the biggest blog after yours in the world.

So there you have it folks – it’s coming. The only problem is that we have no idea when.

Oh, and Sony? If you’re listening, I volunteer this site as a place to give out this kind of information about the PS3! 🙂

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