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Resistance gets Map Packs in May

There are going to be two completely new maps. Both set in England, in the cities of Westmorland and Camborn. Westmorland is based on the snowy hills of northern Great Britain. It’s also very open, but feels different from all the other maps. Then there is Camborn, what’s cool about this map is that you get above-ground and subterranean combat. All multiplayer game types are available on both maps.

Later this month when the PLAYSTATION 3 hits Europe there will be some updates to Resistance. There are going to be two news modes. Team Conversion is the same concept as Conversion, but you play as a team.

Assault is a mode based around the concept of attrition; wearing down an opponent’s defenses before destroying their base. Each team has a base node that they must defend, and the goal is to attack and destroy the other team’s base node. In addition, each team also begins the game with a set of base defenses and satellite nodes, which power those defenses. At the beginning of each round, a player can chose to spawn at their main base or any of their team’s satellite nodes.

As is the case with the base node, these satellite nodes can also be attacked. In keeping with the attrition concept, the main base and satellite nodes are considerably stronger than in other modes. Satellite nodes also do not regenerate after taking damage, and cannot be captured by the opposing team. Once defeated, a corresponding portion of the team’s base defenses are shut down. In addition, defeated nodes become neutral, allowing both teams to spawn at them. This rewards the offensive team with a forward spawn point while still giving the defending team a means of spawning outside of their main base.

Along side the March patch Spectators can now join custom games and observe from the player POV and use a free-roam camera. Insomniac also told IGN that they not planning on including bots at the moment. No news on how much the Map Packs will run right now. But you’ll be able to purchase and download them from within the game.

Resistance: The Map Packs