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Are you ready to Cure Disease with your PS3? [Update]

Back in January I contacted Sony Computer Entertainment US Research & Development about Folding@home. Just a recap this is what they said.

We’re working hard to finish off the Folding@home client for PS3 and we’re hoping to have it available for download in early spring. Perhaps March but we’re not 100% sure of the date. The download will be approximately 150MB for the initial install and the network communications with Stanford’s servers will be pretty low data rates. It will be a free download.

When the next firmware update is out the end of this month. All you’ll have to do it update and it will add a new icon to the cross media bar. When your PS3 is on-line you get linked to other PS3s all over the world. If enough PS3 owners help out it could halve the time needed to complete a full gene folding simulation.

When Folding@Home is running you can’t play games or watch Blu-ray movies while it’s running. But hey it’s free and your helping a great cause.

PS3 to Cure Disease


Here is the Press Release about Folding@Home

Folding@Home Website

And here are some more screen shots:

When PS3 owners are running the folding simulations, they’ll be able to see displays that update them on how close the work unit is to completion. One of the planned displays will depict a view of the world that shows a glowing light everywhere a PS3 is running the Folding @ Home software.