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More Icons for Home

home.jpgI read this Phil Harrison interview by Wired with interest. While much of it was rehashing old information, there was some new stuff, like this:

When you come back to the Cross Media Bar, you can see that we have this Home icon. But also, underneath it you can see we have Favorites and Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame icon lets you jump straight into Hall of Fame, you don’t have to go into Home to get there.

And this:

Inside Favorites, you’ll create bookmarks, shortcuts to the spaces you want to visit most often with your buddies. So it could be that you like hanging out in the SOCOM barracks room, something like that. You just bookmark it, and that will appear as a long list of thumbnails in that area. Next time you log into PS3 you can dive straight in there. Your personal apartment will appear there as well.

We’re getting a better picture of how home will work, which is cool. I’m really looking forward to using it, and I hope that it won’t be too long before your house appears on a street, and you can walk to other people’s houses. Hmmm. I wonder if you could make your own customized street with just your buddies on it? That would be cool…

Interview: Sony’s Phil Harrison on Home, LittleBigPlanet, Microtransactions, and Less Trickery