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Impressions: Untold Legends for PS3

I heard so much bad (or at least not-so-good) stuff about Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom for the PS3 that I didn’t even check out the game until yesterday. I’m actually a big fan of top-down Diablo-style RPG slashers, so I was quite disappointed with all the mediocre reviews of this game. So much so that I only rented it yesterday even though it was a launch title.

And you know what? It’s not bad at all!

Sure, it’s got camera issues (most of which would be solved by making the trees shorter or cuttin them off). And all the items of armour you put on don’t have different looks to them, which is too bad. The interface takes some getting used to. For instance, to determine which pair of boots is best for my character, I actually unequip my current boots and then look through the list. They’re a lot easier to compare that way.

But I actually had fun playing this game. It’s got some cool effects. The combos are fun. The graphics, though not a big leap over Champions of Norrath, are crisp. Gameplay was too easy, but that’s because my friend Steve chose the “Easy” difficulty setting. (Duh…) For some reason he doesn’t like a challenge. He doesn’t like dying, he says. Okay….

But you know what? I think I’ll buy this game. I’m tapped out right now because I just bought F1:CE and MotorStorm, but I’ll be picking up this title when I can.