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More 1.6 Update Details: Disappointing

IGN has some details about the upcoming 1.6 update, and to tell the truth, I’m not impressed. There’s only a little new information here, but here’s what we have so far:

  • Background downloading. But with some limitations to be announced later. (Presumably, that you can’t download while in a game.)
  • Extended PSP media viewer support. But only to support any wireless access point within a home. Not the world-wide hotspot support we were hoping for. So this is worthless to me.
  • And extended large-size keyboard option for text entry. Big deal. Where’s my Bluetooth keyboard support?
  • Better browser text size support. This is alright, but I rarely use the browser. So again, worthless to me.
  • Folding@Home support. We knew this already and I don’t think I’ll be installing Folding@Home. I don’t want to leave my PS3 turned on.

So all in all, this is a very disappointing update for me. Where’s the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support? What about accessing the XMB during games and movies? Where’s the universal chat support? Fixes for the 720p problem? In other words, where’s the really good stuff? The only feature that will be semi-useful to me is background downloading. And I don’t even download that much.

Sony Shares Details on 1.6 Update

[Edit: it’s been confirmed that 1.6 will include Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Hurrah! Also, there are rumours that background downloading will work during offline gameplay, but I doubt it.]