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1.60 Includes Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Support!

Yay! We didn’t know this before, but Sony has confirmed it. The 1.60 PS3 firmware update will include Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support. This was mentioned in the BC press release. Here is the relevant portion:

Firmware Version 1.60 also delivers a more convenient process for downloading content to the PS3 from the PLAYSTATION Store. Up to 6 pieces of content from the PlayStation store can be queued up for download while the user enjoys other functions of the PS3 system, including playing games, browsing the web, using media functions including photo browsing, video and music playback. Progress of downloads can be easily tracked under a new Download Management menu under the XMB’s Network icon(2).

Firmware 1.60 also provides support for keyboards and mice enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology. Text entry is further expanded with the option to use a full QWERTY on-screen keyboard, in addition to the existing single tap keyboard. PS3’s built-in Web browser is also enhanced with the ability to zoom in to the optimal viewing size for the selected area of a Web page at the press of a button, as well as an optional tool for reducing flicker when the PS3 system is using interlaced video out (480i or 1080i).

Cool stuff!