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First And Second Party Content

With Capcom no longer making any PS3 exclusives and AceCombat coming to the 360 release as well, there aren’t that many third party exclusives left on the PS3 right now. Final Fantasy and MGS 4 are the last two big ones. And while it’s not impossible that they stay exclusive, it’s clearly questionable at this point.

The only games that are guaranteed to be PS3 exclusive are first and second party content. Just to clarify:

  • First Party The development studio is completely owned by Sony. For example, Polyphony Digital or Team Ico.
  • Second Party The development studio is completely independently owned but works on Sony funded and Sony owned PS3 projects. For example, Rathchet & Clank or Motorstorm.

Here’s a list of the upcoming announced first and second party content. I omitted retro ports (such as Gauntlet II), junk (Wheel of Fortune), and titles that are likely very early in development and a long way off (like sequels to Resistance or God of War) .

Development Studio Game Title
Level 5 White Knight Story
SOE Espionage MMO
SOE Whimsical MMO
Team Bondi L.A. Noire
SCE Getaway
Ico Team Unknown
SCE Studios London SingStar
Naughty Dog Drake’s Fortune
Guerilla Killzone 2
Zipper Socom Title
Santa Monica Warhawk
SCE Studios London Playstation Home
Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo
Clap Hanz Hot Shots Golf 5
TBA Eyedentify
SCE Studios Japan Eye of Judgment
Page 44 Studios Gretzky NHL
SCE Studios London Eight Days
Rhino Studios Afrika
Media Molecule LittleBigPlanet
Insomniac Ratchet & Clank
Ninja Theory Heavenly Sword
Factor 5 Lair
Factor 5 Unknown Title
thatgamecompany Two Unknown Titles

Anyone have any particular favorites?

I can’t wait to hear more about the Espionage MMO. That concept sounds like it has huge potential. I wonder if the PlanetSide developers from SOE are involved with this.

UPDATE: Added White Knight Story. Thanks WKS and ehandlr