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PS3 Firmware: What I Want

With all this talk of firmware updates, I thought I’d write up a list of the top five things that I most want the PS3 to support. Here they are.

  1. Universal chat support. All games should support chat, and I should be able to chat with friends even when not in a game.
  2. XMB access during a game so that I can text/voice chat with friends and arrange things without leaving a game.
  3. Games should be able to use music on my HDD. MotorStorm is great and all, but I dislike most of the music.
  4. I want my PS3 to see network devices and be able to stream content directly from them, without the need for special software. A network share should be sufficient. Frankly I don’t want to store all my music, photos, and videos on my PS3. I want to store my stuff on a central server for access by any number of devices.
  5. I want to set my own OnlineID icon.

I don’t really care that the 360 does these things already (except for #4, at least not exactly), and that Sony might be accused of copying Microsoft. Who cares. I want these features for me and my PS3 enjoyment, and I don’t care where the ideas came from. (Small warning: any posts that are of the 360-fanboy type bragging about how the 360 already has this stuff will be deleted.)

Feel free to post your own list, even if it shares a lot of mine or is just a rearrangement of order.