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A Tough Decision

There’s just hours to go before eager European gamers can get there hands on the PS3 and Eurogamer has compiled a list of the various accessories and games you (European PS3 owners) may be interested in getting, if you have any spare cash left over after breaking the bank to get a PS3 of course.

If you check out you can find a lot of accessories cheaper than the RRP. Amazon is just an example though but it pays to shop around.

I was never planning on pre-ordering a PS3 anyway and I haven’t but I’m torn as to whether I should get a PS3 tomorrow or follow my plan of waiting until my birthday (August), and use my birthday money to go towards the PS3. With just hours to go I’m getting way too tempted to try and get a PS3 tomorrow after I finish work.

There are a couple of things preventing me from going with my heart and rushing out to get the PS3. Firstly, I don’t have an HDTV. I only have a 32″ CRT SDTV and I don’t really know how the PS3 looks on a SDTV. I don’t want to spend £425 and find out the games look poor because of my TV. 😥

There’s also the lack of games right now. Only two that I want are initially available tomorrow (MotorStorm and Resistance) and Oblivion has been delayed until the end of April. I’m currently head over heels with FFXII at the minute, plus God of War 2 is released shortly, so there isn’t a lack of games on the PS2 to force my hand.

There’s also the price. £425 is a lot of money no matter how you look at it, regardless of the potential and what you’re getting with it. I know it’s worth every penny but it’s still a hefty price tag and that’s before I’ve even bought any games. Waiting until August will mean I will have spent less of my hard earned money so I will feel less guilty. 8)

I’m truly torn and the major obstacle in my way is the lack of an HDTV. I guess I’ll have to see how I cope tomorrow but I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist the urge. 😀