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See Your Buddy in MotorStorm

MotorStorm has only been out for a couple weeks, and already there’s an update coming. No no, settle down. There’s no new tracks in this update. The good news, though, is that it’s not just a bug-fix update (though that would have been nice too).

Tomorrow Sony will be releasing a patch for MotorStorm that will give you an in-game buddy list. This will be in the form of a new “Buddies” line in the boot screen under the “Play” menu option. I always wondered why there was a screen with just one menu selection option, and now I know. IGN says that your “online friends and their current status will be viewable from this hub, and if your friends are online, they can be directly linked through the MotorStorm list”. Cool stuff.

IGN also says: “Sony has also confirmed that the Buddy List has a built-in filter that prevents people from infiltrating a set game list — users will need to be connected to a buddy to get in.” Which, frankly, I don’t understand. Can anybody help me out here?

BuddyStorm for MotorStorm