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GTA 4 Trailer Anticipation

The first substantial trailer hits in a few hours and I can’t wait!

Here’s a summary of what everyone is suggesting or hoping for in GTA 4:

  • Predictable Another city. Different vehicles (Skating, surfing, blimps). More interactivity. More mission types.
  • Realism People should act more like real people rather than simply aimlessly walking around. It shouldn’t be so easy to steal cars and kill people. More realistic traffic and crash damage. Animals. Seasons. Snow + Ice.
  • Technical Better graphics, animation, sound, physics, online support, episodic content, dlc, gesture control, achievements, and whatever other bullet-item buzzwords you can think of.
  • New Game Mechanic Branching storylines and NPC dialog. Expanded RPG and character development and customization. Deathmatch, full storyline co-op. Persistent MMO elements. Strategic gang warfare.
  • Bizzare GTA in outer space. Golf themed GTA. To be dead honest, an outer space themed GTA would probably be fun: In outer space, you could hijack spaceships, curse off aliens, and beat up space-hookers. I’d buy it.

Quick Prediction: Obviously, technical improvements, realism improvements, and more of everything. They will develop multiple new gameplay mechanics of the ones mentioned above. Everyone expects something really different and the developers know that.

I’m guessing they will successfully pull off a completely new twist to the series so it will excite gamers who are jaded by the series so far. I’m also guessing that with the huge amount of budget and talent going into this, that the high quality of the series will continue, and it will be worth every penny. But I’m also guessing that this won’t be a major milestone and breakthrough in game design like GTA 3 was. Those breakthroughs occur through serendipity and we won’t see them coming from a predictable source.

Anyone care to add their wishes or predictions?