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What I’d like to see in MotorStorm 2

I’ve now spent a good number of hours playing MotorStorm, both online and offline, and as much as I love the game, it’s by no means perfect. It’s pretty much guaranteed there will be a MotorStorm 2 so here’s a few things I’d like to see in the second game:

* Customisable music. The music in MotorStorm fits with the type of game it is, but apart from a couple of songs, the music is rubbish. I want to be able to play my own music that I’ve stored on my PS3.

* Global servers. It’s pretty rubbish I can’t race against Henning and other MotorStorm owners who aren’t based in Australia or the EU.

* Split screen multiplayer. It’s pretty shocking that MotorStorm doesn’t cater for offline multiplayer. It’s the perfect type of game that you would invite your friends round for some multiplayer mayhem.

* In-game messages. You should be able to send a message to your buddy who is playing the single player game and invite him to play you online.

* More tracks. 8 tracks isn’t enough, despite them being great fun to race around. Once you learn the best route to take it pretty much takes away some of the fun.

* I’d like headlights to be present in the next game. Seems a little odd not to have them in when you race at night.

* Dynamic weather. If the game is set in a different setting, I’d like to see different weather implemented into the game. Imagine how rain could effect the tracks and your vehicle!

I think that’s about it for now. The game is so much fun as it is but if they add those above points to the sequel it would be nigh on perfect. I also have to add, it looks stunning on my SDTV so I shudder to think what it would look like on a decent sized HDTV.

Anybody have any ideas they would like to add?

On a separate note, Sony really needs to enable you to access any messages you receive in the XMB, when you’re playing a game. You have to quit a game completely just to access your messages, so it makes setting up online play with your buddies more difficult than it should be. 😡