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Handbrake and MP4 for PS3

The other day I discovered the Mac OS X application Handbrake. This is an application that takes a DVD and rips it to MP4 format. How handy, I thought, now I can rip my DVD’s into a format my PS3 understands, in one easy step. (I don’t like jumping through a lot of hoops for this kind of stuff.)

Well, no. That was not to be. After some false starts trying to get a DVD to rip, I decided to just rip one chapter and see how that works. So I ripped just one chapter to an MP4 using Handbrake, and played it back just fine on my Mac. Not having a way to copy such content to a MemoryStick from my Mac, I copied it to my network storage, and then used my PC (which has a built-in MemoryStick slot) to copy the video to my MemoryStick.

I stuck the MemoryStick into my PS3 and voila! Nothing! The PS3 saw the file, alright, it just didn’t recognize it as a valid video file.


I don’t know too much about codecs and such, but I think it’s here where the error lies. Handbrake uses two codecs (DivX and … uh … FFmpeg (or somesuch)). And I get the feeling that the PS3 recognizes neither.

Can anybody help me out here?

(On a related note, I originally wanted to use a USB drive to store the video, not a MemoryStick. But when I plugged my USB drive into my PC, I couldn’t figure out how to format it because it didn’t show up in my Windows Explorer view. Any ideas?)