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Rock Band to work with Guitar Hero’s Guitar - 360 Only (for now)

You know, it would be really nice if the Guitar Hero guitar worked with Rock Band. Hey, guess what! It will! At least, according to Rock Band developer Jason Booth. Just one little problem. He’s talking about the Xbox 360, not the PS3. Us PS3 owners don’t have Guitar Hero II for the PS3. Grrr…. So then you have to wonder about using the PS2 guitar peripheral with the PS3. But, as we all know, that problem hasn’t been solved. Here’s IGN’s blurb:

However, today on the official Rock Band forums, developer Jason Booth pointed out our mistake. Apparently the guitar will work with Rock Band. PlayStation 3 owners will, however, need to purchase a new guitar unless Harmonix releases an adapter.

Okay okay. So that’s a problem.

But this brings up another question. What about the microphone? Can I use SingStar’s PS3 microphone (to be released in June, I think) in Rock Band? That would be nice…

Guitar Hero Ax to Work with Rock Band