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PlayStation Home History

home1.jpgIf you’re like me, you are anticipating the launch of PlayStation Home like it was Christmas. You also have a sliver of hope that you might actually be chosen to be one of the lucky few to beta-test the Home service. And being such a Home aficionado, you probably downloaded the Home trailer from the PlayStation Store and showed it to your wife/husband or girl/boy-friend, or lacking those, your pet. (Although I have to say Home didn’t seem to impress my wife. She saw the scene near the beginning where a bunch of people were watching a video on the wall and immediately thought of The Island and 1984. Big Brother is watching you and all. Oh well. Can’t win them all.)

Of course, you’re also curious about how Home came about, and Develop Magazine has a small blurb about just that. The article looks long enough, but that’s deceptive. But there are a few interesting tidbits, like the fact that Home was original “Hub” for the PS2, and that it was meant to be a 2D service until it came to the PS3:

A 3D platform for Home, rather than Hub’s 2D one, means assets can be natively exported from games built using Maya and incorporated straight into the service when it comes to developers and publishers building their own spaces.

So do yourself a favour if you’re a Home fan, and check it out:

Welcome, Home