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MLBTK7 and Armored Core 4 Demos

What’s going on here? I just finished downloading these two PS3 game demos, and they both stink!

First I tried Armored Core 4. There was no option to invert Y! So the game became mostly unplayable because I couldn’t look up or down correctly. This is unacceptable. Every game where an invert Y option makes sense should have it. I know more people that use it than don’t, so its lack is unforgivable. Outside of that, the missions were pretty boring too. There was one desert mission where you had to destroy one transport (I think), which took all of two seconds. Wow, impressive. Not! I can’t see myself ever shelling out any money for this game.

Then I tried MLBTK7, and I think I just don’t understand the demo. That is, I don’t think it was a demo at all. It was basically a movie that you could slightly control. Because nothing I did seemed to matter. The batter swung or not according to his own wishes, and the pitcher pitched the same way. I was in control of nothing except pausing the game. It was retarded. Am I missing something here? Please tell me I just forgot to set an option somewhere or failed to “activate” the game or something, because this was a total waste of time.

Somebody please help me out here.