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R.I.P. Playstation 3 20 GB

The decision was made due to the fact that the consumer demand for the 60GB version was 10 to 1. At launch Sony offered two models to meet the different needs of the playstation fan base. But of course the demand was for the 60GB from both retailers and consumers. Me personally I like the look of the 20GB more, but I like the features of the 60 GB.

R.I.P. PlayStation 3 20GB
Nov. 17, 2006 — April 11, 2007

[via PS3 Fanboy]

Sony Ceases Production of 20GB PS3 in North America


  1. Darrin

    I thought they liked to have the $500 unit, because even if no one buys it, they can truthfully advertise, “starting at $499”. Also, the $499 unit is common fodder for the ever-frequent pricing debates among journalists, pundits, and industry observers.

  2. Ivan

    I remember its first boot up…..its was my first until i sold it and got the sixty gig….I needed the Wi-Fi!!!

  3. Mike

    The “lack of consumer demand” angle is horrific. Of course there was less demand when most people could not find it. Oh well, you’ve got Microsoft touting sales of Xbox 360 Premium vs. Core when the reason the core sells badly is because of outrageous accessory prices (64MB for $39.99? Is this 1998?). I really miss the last console cycle. At this point PS2 and Xbox were coming up on $199.99 and both had much better games to play. And Nintendo had a system with hardware that wasn’t outdated by six years. UGH.

  4. Pc

    Doesn’t really matter to me because i bought the 60gb version. I also think that the 60gb version is a much better buy, especially once you look at the 360 and what all of it’s peripherals cost. If you buy a 360 and try to upgrade it and add stuff to it, to even try to compare it to the PS3, you end up paying even more money, plus you would have to pay for repair costs after a couple weeks or
    I love my PS3 !!

  5. Matt

    I am kind of shocked. As said above by Mike and possibly Darrin (cutoff by ad) that they had the marketing tool of $499. Once people got into the store the salespeople probally explained the difference and people chose the 60GB.

    I guess this streamlines their production facilities and keeps their costs down. Oh well I was really hoping for a $399 PS3 sooner rather than later. Now it looks like a lot later.

    I never really looked at the 60 GB. The 20 Gig had everything I needed. Wifi and the extra HDD space weren’t really needed.

    Oh Well, there are much worst things in life.

  6. Sporty

    I’m surprised they kept the 20GB this long. I had a feeling this was on the way since they announced only the 60GB would be in EU.

    Just speculation on my part but based on Foxconn, Hon Hai Precision along with Asustek planning a major ramp up of volume on PS3’s this fall. With Microsoft’s recent SEC filings that they still haven’t sold as many units as they claimed where already sold last year, putting them within range to be overtaken by both Sony and Nintendo I’m willing to bet Sony’s gearing up to make a major move.

    Might just be wishful thinking but they do seem to be planning a lot of consoles this fall. If sales continue as they are, Nintendo will overtake Microsoft in about 2 months and PS3 will be at half the 360s install base. A price war might be in the making even if Sony and Microsoft don’t want one.

  7. Sporty

    Of course another theory is the 80GB model Sony recently filed for might pop up this fall and the GB will fall to the old 20GB price with the 80 at 599 price.

    But with the streamlining of the SKU’s to one model they can pump them out faster.
    Later this year they will also be switching to 60nm CELL and drop the component count in half further reducing costs, which is part of the reason I was thinking price war.

    Still have the return of rumble needing to be answered though.

    Again, all just speculation.

    BTW Matt, I didn’t mean to say I’m surprised it lasted this long just to go against you. Best Buy and Gamestops stopped ordering 20GB models last month and Sony Style discontinued them last week. That’s why I wasn’t surprised.

  8. I personally think most people simply when presented with the price, had a “why not go big” moment. Its like if you are spending that much, why not spend the extra hundred for the extra space and features? Many are assuming that the 80gb isnt going to be a new SKU, but just a mistake (20 plus 60) and just a filing error. Sony could easily just release a 120 or 200gb hdd, but why bother when any off the shelf 2.5 inch drive will work?

    My brother has a 20gb, and although he wanted the 60 at the time (this was when they were scarce) he doesnt mind having the lesser of the systems. Since stuff can be acessed via usb, there isnt much of an issue.

  9. It was a matter of time, there should have never even existed a 20gb version.

  10. I agree with Jast3r.

    The 20gb had always seemed pointless to me.

  11. MetalProxy

    Dido, the 20 gig was pointless. Iam surprized it lasted this long. They shouldnt have followed microsofts dumn ideas.

  12. francois

    The 20 GB was the best deal according to me. The USB on it allow to connect any type of mem card, and the wired network connection is still the best connection for gaming. As one of Sony executive once said, whatever hard disk size they put in the ps3, it will never be enough. Is the 60gb enought ? I don’t think so in the long term. So 100$(cnd) I saved on the PS3 will hopelly get me a decent hdd in 2 years if I really need that extra space.