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New Keyboard & Mouse for my PS3

A little while ago Dell’s Bluetooth keyboard and mouse bundle went on sale on their online store. (Canadian link.) Normally it sold for $89, but with the sale it was reduced to $69, with no shipping charges. It was still on the expensive side, especially considering that I wouldn’t be using them all that much. But my coworker Ray convinced me to go for it. (I would be the guinea pig, because he has a PS3 too.)


Yesterday at work my 3-year-old daughter called to inform me that my package had arrived! Hurrah! I love getting packages in the mail.

Pairing my mouse worked just fine. Pairing the keyboard took two attempts, and you have to type in a 7 or 8 digit string to confirm the pairing. That was strange. After the keyboard and mouse were paired everything worked great. I didn’t have any trouble when I turned off and on the keyboard and mouse – my PS3 continued to find them just fine.

To enter text, you still have to bring up that little text-entry dialog thingy. But at that point you can just start typing on your keyboard and everything works. Browsing the online store is a lot easier with the mouse! None of the keyboard’s special keys seemed to do anything.

All in all, I’m quite happy with keyboard and mouse, though I wish the keyboard’s keys weren’t quite so mushy. The keyboard and mouse comes with a Bluetooth/USB dongle (which I didn’t need, of course) and batteries (two AA’s for both the keyboard and mouse). Note that the keyboard is full size. It doesn’t have a lot of excess space around the keys, as you can see from the picture. But they keyboard is still big.