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No Damage in Gran Turismo 5?

Reader derrickgott007 had a little PM conversation with one of the GT devs (skebe) over at the official PlayStation Forums.

It sent something like this:

derrickgott007: People are already exploting the no damage to ruin the leaderboards….There are videos on Youtube on how to get 1.07min lap times by fence riding and going full speed into the turns to riccoceht off the fence….Please put in damage to stop these people.

skebe: Sorry for not being able to respond earlier… didn’t know until today that this forum had a PM feature

Although we’re not ready to implement damage until they can be shown in a truly authentic way (which is extremely hard work if you think about it), we are doing our best to avoid these kind of ‘cheating’ to take place.

derrickgott007: I understand what you are saying about the hard work…..But FORZA 2 has damage, and so does the TOCA series…If GT5 had damage it would be UNSTOPPABLE.

skebe: No I mean, really really really hard work… to the extent of creating another game, almost. From our standards, what other racing games are doing is ‘simplified damage’. You know how **bleep** we are when making our games… we would want to simulate every single dent differently

Gran Turismo HD Concept

Ah well, too bad. Can’t have it all I guess. But I think than Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3 will still be a fun game…