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PS2 Guitars on PS3, by RedOctance

I have a PS2 and several PS2 games, two of which are Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II. Unfortunately, I can’t play these games on my PS3 because the guitar peripheral won’t work on the PS3, which really sucks. Guitar Hero II even has a gaming-lag compensator, making playing the game on the PS3 perfectly do-able. But only if you want to use the SIXAXIS controller. Nyko said that they were working on an adapter to get the PS3 and the guitar talking to one another nicely, but then cancelled it due to technical difficulties. So we still don’t have a real solution to this problem. Yet. But people are working on it! People like Kai Huang, co-founder and president of RedOctane. Take a look at this exchange in an interview with Eurogamer:

Eurogamer: Are you going to work on any solution that allows PS3 owners to use the PS2 controller on their console?

Kai Huang: We’re working on that with Sony right now – looking at how we can get all the PS2 guitars that are out there, and all the owners of them, to use them on the PS3. Unfortunately we don’t have any promises yet, but we’re definitely working hard to see if we can make that happen.

Now wouldn’t that be great? The sooner the better, in my mind.

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