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Warhawk Battleground Video

Speaking of downloadable games, I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen of the latest Warhawk video, especially the on foot sections. I remember the last time I saw Warhawk’s on foot sections last year, I was shocked at how bad they looked. It seems as though they’ve completely turned it around and made it more like a FPS only with a 3rd person viewpoint, if you get what I mean. The way the character moves is reminiscent of a FPS. It also looks a lot more arcadey:

After what I saw from Warhawk last year and the news it was going to be a downloadable game, I’d dismissed it all together. Now that Ive seen the above video and experienced online multiplayer for the first time with Resistance and MotorStorm (and how much fun it can be), I’m definitely interested in Warhawk now. I just hope it has global servers as I’m still unable to play against anybody outside of the EU/PAL regions.

Warhawk Battleground Gameplay Video