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F.E.A.R: Avoid PS3 Version

Some choice quotes:

“Simply put, the PS3 doesn’t hold a candle to the visuals found in the Xbox 360 version”

“the creeping load bar is going to upset folks who remember playing and loading F.E.A.R. seamlessly on the PC and the Xbox 360”

“compared to the PC and 360, this version is graphically dead in the water”

I was actually planning on buying the PS3 version of this game pending good reviews. Not any more. Really, who wants to get the substantially inferior version of the game? I’ll pass.

We have seen several poor PS3 ports, but I really think this isn’t very indicative of things to come. This game is a PC game first and a console game second. Monolith makes some amazing PC shooters and when I give my PC a major upgrade this summer that’s where I’ll be playing those titles.

The good news is that the PS3 looks like it will get the best versions of three really good games in the next two months: Spiderman 3, The Darkness, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Not inferior ports or even equal ports, but the best versions. That will be a great change and will more than make up for this.

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