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Phil Harrison Answers Questions

I bet you’re thinking that’s one of the most original and groundbreaking headlines you’re ever read, right? No? 🙁

Anyway, Phil Harrison answered some questions put to him by readers, and although there’s nothing that stands out to me I thought you guys would be interested in reading what he has to say. Here’s one of the questions (and answer) that caught my eye:

With a number of previously-PS3-exclusive titles having gone multiplatform, are there any efforts to prevent this from occurring in the future, or is it of little concern to SCE?

Phil Harrison: We have the widest selection of meaningful exclusives on PlayStation 3 – by virtue of our own investments in our development studios and strategic support of independent developers and publishers. I really don’t believe gamers mind who makes the game, so long as the games they buy on their system are the best games they can get anywhere – and that their system investment is secure in the knowledge that there are plenty more coming in future. Within SCE Worldwide Studios we have the largest platform-dedicated development resource in the industry – with more people, and more teams, dedicated to making games exclusively for PlayStation 3. So my main “concern” is to make sure those games are absolutely the best they can be.

Despite Sony not having the exclusive rights to some major 3rd party titles (GTA IV, DMC4 etc), their first and second party titles are as good if not better than anything Nintendo or Microsoft can call on for their own consoles. Whether that’s going to be enough this gen for Sony is another thing all together.

If titles like LittleBigPlanet, Afrika (where’s that vanished to?) Ratchet & Clank Future, Unchartered: Drake’s Fortune, Lair, MotorStorm 2, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3 and a whole bunch of stuff that we don’t know about, turns out to be half as good as they should/could be, then Sony really haven’t got too much to worry about in the software department. That’s not including stuff like Calling All Cars and other DLC which looks promising but is very sparse at the minute.

Anyway, it makes interesting reading and thanks go to Eighthours for the find. 😉

Phil Harrison answers a bunch of questions