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Big Undelivered PS3 Promises

I know this post over at PS3Forums is a little old (3 weeks or so), but I can’t get it out of my head when I think about the PS3 and what might be coming. The author mentions four PS3 promises that Sony has so far been unable (or unwilling?) to deliver on. The article includes screenshots and video, so check out this article over at PS3 forums if you need the eye candy. I’m too lazy to get it myself!

But I will mention the four promises. Some aren’t so important to me, while others would be very nice to have. What do you guys think about these missing features?

  • In-game PSN store access.
    Remember that screenshot showing the ability to buy extra tracks in MotorStorm? Whatever happened to that? I admit that I won’t be the first one in line to shell out extra cash for games that I already bought, but I would think that the same interface could be used for extra free content as well. Which would be a lot nicer than trying to find it in the PSN store, where the idea of decent organization doesn’t seem to have caught on.
  • The PLAYSTATION Card for PSN.
    Gotta admit – I don’t care about this one.
  • In-game messaging.
    Now this is something that everyone has been clamouring for because it’s such a useful feature. I hope we get to see this one soon.
  • In-game XMB.
    Closely related to in-game messaging is the in-game XMB for access to (hopefully) all sorts of stuff while in game. I think that this could be a really useful feature, depending on what they allow. But even simple access to friends would be good for a start.

Anything missing?

What are sony’s priorities? AKA the stuff we were told we were getting