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SpiderMan 3: Terrible Reviews

The reviews can be accurately summed up by this one sentence from IGN:

However, the biggest problem in Spider-Man 3 is the simple fact that the missions aren’t fun.

Wow, that is disappointing. This game quickly went from a must-buy to a game I probably won’t even bother to rent.

SpiderMan 3

The fact that the prequel on the PS2 got such fantastic reviews only makes this the more disappointing. This just goes to show, that even with a large dev budget, just how tricky it is to make the game actually fun.

The downside is this was supposed to be one of the big games of May. At least we still get Calling All Cars this month. And next month, we get The Darkness (I can’t wait: is anyone else a huge fan of the comic or the writer, Garth Ennis?).

I was actually close to pre-ordering this game and I’m so glad that I didn’t. This reminds me of when I pre-ordered Driv3r: all the previews, and making-of clips, and developer interviews made the game look so great. I was so excited for that game. But the game itself turned out to be bad. Really bad. It sold well, but I’m sure that everyone who bought it was very disappointed.

Regardless, did anyone get this game? Is anyone else as disappointed as I am?