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Calling All Cars: First Impressions

It was pretty late last night before I got a chance to download Calling All Cars, so I didn’t get much time with the game. The fact that it took a long time to download didn’t help matters any either. At least the price was right: $10.99 Cdn. For once us Canadians aren’t getting ripped off by the conversion.

First I have to say that I’m quite impressed by the presentation. The menu system has a convict taunting you as you make your selections. The game has some nice options. You can bring a friend with you online splitscreen, which is cool, and you can even set his/her name.

The game itself is quite hectic and I didn’t really manage to work out a winning strategy. I tried online and got totally creamed. I can’t seem to ram the other cars to make them let go of the criminal. Ah well. The game doesn’t make full use of the levels, even with the paddy wagon. The action tends to concentrate around the police station. I haven’t even tried all the levels yet – that’s something I’ll be doing as soon as I can.

All together, it’s a great package and quite an enjoyable game. I’ll definitely be playing it a lot more.