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PlayStation Network Expansion Plans

I found a interesting article on Gamasutra. Here are some things that really stood out for me in the article.

There are six key components. Shorrock began with ‘Services/VOD’ which delivers full-length movies, television programs, or music direct to users. “Obviously we want to take huge advantage of our member’s capabilities, and of the storage capacity.”

This will be interesting to see in action, and how much it will cost. I would like the option to transfer movies and tv programs to the PSP for viewing on the go. Also, remember the story about Blu-ray movies coming with PSP ready video on the disc. What’s the progress on that?

‘Wireless’ deals with the wireless capabilities of the platform, “which will allow gaming via PSP and mobile devices, keeping users connected at all times.”

I wonder if you’ll be able to access Playstation Home via your PSP using global remote play. That would be pretty cool if you could manage your apartment, chat with your friends, play the mini games within home all on your PSP from anywhere in the world.

Sony Details PlayStation Network Expansion Plans