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SGD ’07: Pain (PSN) Trailer

A new PS3 exclusive title was unveiled at Sony’s Gamers Day and man, does it look insane!! It’s a downloadable title off the PSN and it looks like it could be hilariously painful fun:

I like how they’ve already pre-empted the media outrage that will surely come, during the opening of that video. ๐Ÿ˜† I wonder if you will be able to record or save replays of your craziest attempts to cause as much pain to your character as possible, share them with people on your buddies list? Maybe you could have videos you have saved running in Home on one of the big TVs? That would be cool.

EDIT: Looks like you will be able to save your game to your PS3 hard-drive and upload it for other PAIN players to see:

Idol Minds is taking a community-minded approach, saving every game of PAIN to the PS3 hard disk as an action-replay, and then allowing you to upload the most outrageous and interesting. Other PAIN players will then be able to download, rank and comment on your work.

Oh yes!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Pain info courtesy of Eurogamer

Pain Trailer