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PS3 Video on Demand “this calendar year”

That’s according to SCEE President, David Reeves, in an article over at IGN:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has confirmed that video on-demand will be available via the PlayStation Network by the end of the year. Speaking at a PSN event in London recently, Reeves said that Sony will indeed be “offering video on demand”, adding “I can’t give you a time but it is not in the distant future, it will be within this calendar year.”

According to Reeves, full-length movies, music and TV programmes will all be available for download, direct to both the PS3 and PSP, although he gave no indication of exactly what would be available at launch or indeed the pricing structure. Reeves added, “It will not be in all of our PAL territories but it will be in the major territories.”

How many people would actually be interested in this kind of service? If you haven’t got an external HDD I’m pretty sure your space would soon be eaten up. Saying that, the majority of people that would be interested in a service like this would more than likely have a huge external HDD anyway.

I’m sceptical. I’ve never bought any song of iTunes nor have I downloaded any other form of media to date as I much prefer to get my stuff on a disc. If it’s cheap enough and has something that I can’t get on disc for a cheaper price then I may be interested.

PS3 Video on Demand “this calendar year”