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Nervous about Heavenly Sword?

I’ve been reading the blog of the lead programmer for Heavenly Sword.

He’s doing tons of Microsoft XNA programming, .NET Forms GUI development, Xbox 360 benchmarks, Microsoft Visual Studio work, 360 Lua integration (Lua is a popular lightweight language used in many video games in addition to a core language which is often C++), Microsoft .NET CLR internals investigations, Xbox 360 integration with Managed C++ (a Microsoft specific .NET version of C++), C# work, and miscellaneous other Xbox 360 development.

The PS3 is supposed to be getting Heavenly Sword as well, right?

However, there is very little mention of the PS3 or Sony on his site, and what is there has a somewhat negative tone. Contrast that with the Xbox 360 and Microsoft technology posts were he is full of excitement, enthusiasm, and even evangelism.

Heavenly Sword

Just to be clear: PS3 developers definitely don’t need to be Sony cheerleaders. They have every right to their own opinion and that fully includes having a preference for the Xbox 360 or the Wii over the PS3 or preferring Microsoft-centric technology over alternatives. For example, the Warhawk guys can be seen using Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows PCs in interview videos and their website is developed in Microsoft ASP.NET. As a PS3 consumer, I don’t care because I still get a clear impression that the Warhawk team is giving the project their all.

With this Heavenly Sword lead programmer, I get the strong impression that he can’t stand working on the PS3 and isn’t giving it his full effort. He clearly spends lots of effort trying to incorporate as much Microsoft centric technology into his day as is possible. He’s added as much Microsoft tech to the Heavenly Sword tool chain as possible and even works on lots of side projects so that he can take a completely Microsoft centric focus.

He’s probably very bitter that his job carried him in a PS3 centric direction and tries very hard to cleanse himself of the feel of programming on a PS3. Unfortunately, this probably means that Heavenly Sword will not be the best showcase of PS3 technology. The best work in this world is done by people who love what they do, not by people who bitterly wish they were doing something else.

On the other hand, this is just one person. I suspect that many other staff particularly those doing art, production, sound, and managerial duties are much less opinionated on Sony/Microsoft technology and platform issues and are much more likely to be giving this project their full attention. However, he is the lead programmer which is a very significant role.

So, what do you think? Am I overreacting? Can PS3 exclusive developers be huge Microsoft fanatics or can Xbox 360 exclusive developers be fanatical about PS3, NetBeans, Java, ODF, and other distinctively non-Microsoft technologies and still deliver 110% as cutting edge lead game programmer typically do?

UPDATE: Misunderstanding is cleared up.

Heavenly Sword Lead Programmer Blog