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How the PSP might interact with the PS3

Here are a few questions from a survey I filled out a while ago on the site.

The following statements concern the way you would like a portable device to interact with a console. Rank these statements based on their appeal to you.

  • Use the device to complete side missions for console games (unlockables, etc.).
  • Transfer media (music/pictures/video) wirelessly from the console to the device (broadcast television, new levels for games).
  • Use the device WHILE PLAYING the console game as an additional weapon/utility to help the game play (2nd player option, radar for incoming enemies, etc.).
  • Record console gameplay video for display on the device (showing off your high scores or “cool moves” to friends).

  • I like the idea of transferring media to the PSP, right now you can with remote play. But the problem is it’s only locally right now. Give us global remote play and I’ll be very happy.

    I remember reading in MGS4 you might be able to control that little robot with the PSP. Send it ahead to scout out the area. That would be great! And recording PS3 game play video for playback on the PSP could be cool.

    So how would you like the PSP to interact with the PS3?