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N’Gai Croal’s Monday Morning Quarterback

N’Gai Croal comes out swinging with another great article discussing the current state of the next-gen console war. For a small taste, read this:

The current strategy–offsetting the high price and lack of exclusive killer apps with the ostensibly strong brand loyalty of the Playstation name–simply isn’t working. The only killer app in the near future is Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and that seems far more likely to appeal to the hardcore gamers who already own a PS3 than to persuade newer ones to buy in. That would suggest a strong need for a price cut, but having just declared a $2 billion loss within Sony Computer Entertainment, I’m not sure that newly-minted Playstation overlord Kaz Hirai and his boss Howard Stringer have an appetite for more red ink.

For the full course, follow this link:

Monday Morning Quarterback: An Armchair Analysis of Videogame Sales for April 2007

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