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WarHawk Interview

I have to admit that I’m becoming more and more interested in Warhawk on the PS3 as times goes by. The initial screen caps weren’t all that engaging, but the stuff that’s coming out now definitely takes it up a notch. When it was announced that single-player was going AWOL, I found that I didn’t care much. I’ve only played a tiny portion of Call of Duty 3’s single-player mode in order to focus on online multiplayer. And the only reason I completed Resistance: Fall of Man’s campaign mode is because I did it cooperatively with my friend Steve. Single-player mode gone? Good riddance – more time for the developers to focus on multiplayer, if you ask me. (Though I probably would have enjoyed a co-op campaign mode.)

Then I heard that the game will support 4 player splitscreen. Woo hoo! Not only that, but you can bring splitscreen players online with you. Double woo hoo! And do so dynamically! That’s so cool! I have to get this game just to wow my friends when they come over.

The game has five areas, which seems a bit on the low side. But I figure that to support flight, these areas must be pretty big. So that will probably make up for it. The game also has four game types, which seems a little low, but okay, I can deal with that.

But here’s a cool thing:

Another neat touch is the ability to set up one PS3 as a dedicated server. As Jobe explains, this machine will not run any graphics. Rather, it runs your game rotation in the background and everyone in your group connects to that one system. Of course, you don’t have to play this way. You can also just start up your PS3 as a player server, allowing people from across the world to join you for a game.

Set up your own PS3 as a dedicated server? That sounds nifty. Add to that clan support, highly customizable characters, and the ability to hover a plane, and I think that there will be lots in this game to appreciate.

Here’s hoping I get in the beta…

WarHawk Interview: Incognito’s Dylan Jobe, May 2007


Here’s some video for you ground-pounders out there:

Warhawk Ground Play Videos

Edit 2:

Ooop! I made a mistake. There are five worlds, but each world will have multiple battlefields. A total of 25 battlefields in the game. That’s good.

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