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256GB Solid-State SATA

pqi_256gb.jpgA company called PQI is readying a 256GB solid-state SATA storage device. No spinning discs, and no read heads, longer life, lower power requirements. Sounds too good to be true? Well, they haven’t announced a price yet, so we don’t know. 🙂

But I wonder how well one of these would work in a PS3. At first I thought that it might help with the noise and heat issues surrounding the PS3. I know my friends who have a 360 say my PS3 is very quiet in comparison, but I find my PS3 way too loud. (I pitty 360 owners in that respect.) But then I got to thinking about it, and I’m doubtful. I don’t hear the hard drive in the PS3, and I doubt that it contributes any significant heat to the chasis (or does it?). So the only benefit I can see in using this drive in a PS3 (besides the obvious improvement in storage space) is a reduction in electricity usage. While that’s always a good thing, what I really want is a solution to decrease the amount of noise coming from my PS3.

Ah well.

PQI ramps up 256GB solid-state notebook drive