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Rainbow Six: Vegas Preview

IGN has put up a preview of the upcoming PS3 game, Rainbow Six: Vegas. All you gamblers out there who’ve been put on a spending leash might like to check out the Vegas strip scenery is game, which looks pretty cool.

Personally I was going to pass on this game in favour of GRAW2 for the PS3, once it finally gets released. But then when reading this preview, a couple words popped out at me.

Can you guess what they are? I know Gary could. 🙂

Here’s the quote from IGN:

The bulk of the game has remained the same, though Ubisoft has taken the extra development time to add in a handful of new content and features. Some of those things are related to the online play which we unfortunately can’t talk about just yet (soon though), but there are a few new elements to the singleplayer and co-op modes.

Co-op modes? For some reason, I was unaware that this game has a co-op mode. Does anybody know anything about it? Can you go through the whole campaign in co-op mode, or is it some sickly little offspring, like that in Splinter Cell: Double Agent?


Rainbow Six: Vegas Preview