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Upcoming PS Store Content Dated & Priced

[Update: well, the MotorStorm and Resistance updates won’t be coming today after all. 🙁]

What have we to look forward to on the PS Store this month? Well tonight we should get the Resistance update which includes global servers, removal of Chimera v Chimera matches, expanded XMB support (?), the ability to report cheaters and have an online moderator monitor said cheaters.

The two new maps should also be available for purchase from the PS Store or from the game itself for $7.99 (for both?) and Euros 4.49, although I don’t know if it’s 4.49 per map or for both.

Go! Puzzle should arrive June 14th in North America followed by the MotorStorm updates (June 15th?), a Lair demo and the arrival of Super Stardust HD, all later this month on the NA PS Store.

We Europeans can finally look forward to PSone games such as Crash Bandicoot, Syphon Filter, WipEout, Everybody’s Golf, Jumping Flash! and Medievil, on June 22nd. More will obviously follow. I want Resident Evil and Destruction Derby!!

Calling All Cars should also arrive June 22nd priced at Euro 7.99 followed by Nucleus on July 6th also priced Euro 7.99. The MotorStorm update should arrive on EU PS Stores June 15th.

PS Store Release list